It takes some degree of skill to recognize skill

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The blank page is such a simple thing, but it has helped me heal in profound and surprising ways.

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A person’s trauma is, in a way, valuable to them. It…

We all have those we love, but this world so often forces us to choose one side or the other.

Broken shards of a glass bottle lying in the street.
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If childhood trauma changes us forever, then is the person we could’ve been now dead?

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A list of my top 25 most viewed articles, sorted by topic.

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What it felt like, as a teenager, watching drugs ravage my home and lead to an overdose

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A short guide to bridging the gap between quantitative and qualitative change

cardboard cut outs of the continents and an open lock
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The Three Forms of Creativity

Whatever we create has its basic elements. These “elements” can be anything. A piece of art might consist of paint and canvas. A computer consists of CPU, hard drive…

Our idea of people is saturated with cynicism, but where are all these terrible people we speak of?

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Ownership of our autonomy is essential.

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Vanity is to pride as appearance is to substance.

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